Greater Lakes Mass Choir

What is the vision, purpose, and comprehensive message in your latest CD?
The Message: There is but one God, His name is above every name Jesus! There is salvation, hope, joy, and comfort in Jesus!

The Purpose:  Is two-fold. To share all the above!  To be an encouragement to both believers and non-believers.  There is an answer—Jesus! And to be a source of strength for all the musicians and singers of local churches—an opportunity to come together, to work and worship together producing a project of outreach!

The Vision:  That through this small endeavor, we will invite a refreshing of the Holy Ghost. We expect both salvation and healings to any and all who hear this project! We expect this seed we've planted will have a harvest we cannot contain. Reverend David Trammell spoke to me and said: "This is going to be further reaching that you can imagine! The anointing will reach many!"

Tell us about the process of recording your latest CD.
It started with writing all of the songs over some time, lining up which songs we were going to produce, deciding the style and rhythm, and then sitting in a studio for two solid days, playing and singing every song. I recorded each song about  four  times each in order to send them to Randy Davenport in Texas to do the master tracks.  From there we met with the other eight musicians to learn all the songs to add real drums, bass, lead, organ, piano, sax and other percussion.  Then all rough tracks and demos were sent to all twenty-five soloists. After some preliminary practices and laying some vocals, rough demos were sent to all the other choir members.  Lots of CD mailings and postage later we had four main practices and then the recording of recordings. We took two days to do two to four passes on each song! The choir members were fantastic!  They crashed afterwards!

Tells us a story or testimony that happened during the recording of this album.
As we finally finished two grueling days of recording and re-recording all twenty-two numbers, we had been very strict with our control of worship but as we finished God came by in a might way! His anointing, which had been so ever present, rushed in and His power completely filled the sanctuary! People were praying, worshipping, crying, and rejoicing! It was so intense that even the photographer (who was not of our faith) had to leave or pray!  There were choir members and musicians there going through things no one knew about and God came by and you can feel it reflected in the recording.

What advice would you give to a choir who would like to record an album?
Pray, Plan, Pray, Plan! Work on it and save up! It always costs more than you plan for! Make sure you have the support of your pastoral ministry and church.

What is one of the choir’s favorite songs to sing? Why is it a favorite?
There is more than one song but  "God’s Been Good To Me" (sung by Julie Hopper) and the title cut "Still" (sung by Melissa Reyes and Kimmella Hall) pretty much embody the entire project.  I can't leave out "God Will Make A Way" (sung by Joy Kilman McGarr) and "Your’re Gonna Need Jesus” (sung by Michelle Wright and Amanda Perry).

Where can we listen, purchase, and connect with your church choir?
You can listen on the church choir’s station on, purchase on,, Amazon, iTunes, Big Pond Music, and many others.

What would your choir do with a million dollars?
Pay everything off! :)  Give to both Global and North American Missions and do another recording! (My musicians and choir members are crying right now!) :)

To what audience would your choir most like to sing?
Any audience that wants to worship and throw down some praise!  And most importantly where there are lost and hurting souls. God will make a way!

What country would your choir like to have a concert in?
I think Chile because e they have church but then again Uganda is hungry and God is moving!

Who does your choir want to send a ‘shout out’ to?
To any of our brothers and sisters who are STILL serving! STILL praying! STILL working! STILL running this race! STILL keeping their consecration and commitment! To ANY who STILL love this truth and don't mind being called stuck in the dark ages! To any that are STILL holding to truth and have His word hidden in their heart! STILL!