Shenae Huba

Tell us a little about your family.

I am the daughter of Daniel and Tammy Huba, who pastor an amazing revival church in Tallahassee, Florida! I am also the oldest sister of two beautiful girls, Tiffany and Charity! We are a very close family that loves working for the Lord, music, singing, traveling, the beach, our weekly Monday family nights, and each other.

Tell us your salvation story.

Like many children blessed to be raised in this precious truth, I received the Holy Ghost at a very young age. I was six years old and wearing my favorite Mickey Mouse orange t-shirt on a Wednesday night when I began to speak in tongues at the altar of my dad’s church where he baptized me a week later—missing front teeth and all. Since then I can honestly say I’ve had many more moments where it has sank in a little deeper and became more real to me. For most kids it’s easy to take everything for granted when it happens to you so young. But I’m thankful for parents that always reminded me it had to be real for me and that I couldn’t live off of their walk or those moments that occurred when I was such a little girl. I have to have a daily walk of my own as an adult.

When did you feel a call of God on your life?

I grew up around ministry. I used my Barbie dolls to direct the choir and preached to my stuffed animals. I feel I always had a love for the things of God. So instead of a specific moment, I feel I always knew it’s what I was called to do—to serve Him in my own unique way. What has helped me during my journey has been specific moments of reassurance where in the altar things have been spoken to me or words of prophesy have been prayed over my life, letting me know that I am on the path He has chosen for me.

You created when you were sixteen. What was your inspiration for this?

Like most teen girls, I loved magazines. However, I would feel discouraged after reading them and viewing pictures of worldy models and ungodly celebrities to whom I could not relate. I sat down one night to write a letter to Brother Scott Graham, who was youth president at the time, asking for the UPCI to create their own magazine with all the girly stuff I loved to read about! As I sat and talked through my letter, my mom asked a question that challenged me, “Shenae, if you feel that strongly about an Apostolic Girl magazine, why don’t you do it yourself?” And the rest is history.

Why did you decide to go to Bible College?

To be honest, at twenty years of age, I was burned out. I worked, attended college full time, and was up to my ears in work at the church. I felt as though I was in a rut. The devil had done all he could to discourage me.  I had never lived away from home and my parents in their wisdom saw that I needed to be able to spread my wings and grow. To this day I’m convinced that Gateway College of Evangelism (now Urshan) was used of God to save me. I became a different person and left with the confidence and rejuvenation I needed.

What is your music background?

My mother was a music director before I was even born. She graduated from Jackson College of Ministries with a music degree. So from the womb I heard music as she practiced piano and taught choir. She told me that when I was a little girl, when she’d practice a fast choir song I’d crawl up to the piano and squeal. Then when she practiced a slow choir song I’d immediately crawl to the piano and just begin to cry! Haha. So I connected with the power of music before I could walk! She is definitely the reason I love music. I began singing at three years of age. All of my sisters and I began piano in second grade and could sing harmony parts before we even hit double digits!

 What is the vision behind your EP?

Truth be told, I never thought I’d have my own music project. I never even considered myself a song writer. But in my late teens and early twenties God took me through some tough times in my walk with Him. After my first semester at Gateway I sat down and after a two-year-long spiritual battle, I sat down at a piano and began to sing my first song, “Hallelujah from the Valley.” The words flowed from me. I believe God gave me that song and all the rest after. Since hearing a few of those songs on the Gateway albums, many people from across the country have emailed me saying that after losing a loved one or experiencing tragedy in their homes, they heard one of my songs and were encouraged to fight another day. That’s been my inspiration and the only reason I want to share my EP. It’s not to show off or start some crazy music career. I just want to share the songs that were birthed through my own experiences, trials, and moments of victory so that others can relate and maybe gain strength as they go through the same moments in their life.  

 What is the best musical advise you have been given?

Well, Brother Pace, my music instructor always said, K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple, stupid!” haha. It’s true though. I’ve learned it’s not always about the fancy trills or runs. It’s about control, practice, and then in the moment, sincere worship.

 Where can we listen, purchase, and connect with you?

You can listen on, purchase on itunes and connect on facebook, search “Shenae Huba Music,” for all updates and more!

Fun Stuff

If you could sing anywhere in the world where would that be?
Israel. To be able to sing in the land where Jesus walked, where the upper room experience occurred, and Pentecost began, would be a life changing event.
What are five things you can’t live without?
If we’re talking carnal things, it’d have to be my phone, Internet, Starbucks, music, and shopping!
What is your favorite song to belt out in the car?
ANYTHING gospel with the belting high sopranos and crazy solo artists! Right now it’s “Welcome In,” by Dr. R.A. Vernon and The Word Church Praise Team!
Who do you want to send a ‘shout out’ to?
To my mom, dad, sisters, family, and friends for their support and always believing in me! And to Brother Keith Pace for giving me this opportunity to have my own EP through the Urshan College label!